Must Know Tips for Choosing Your Professional Makeup Artist

You've found the perfect man and he just popped the question you've been dying to hear.  Now the time has come to start planning the wedding of your dreams. If you're like most brides, you haven't given your bridal makeup look much thought. You might even find yourself asking, "How do I even begin looking for the perfect makeup artist or hairstylist?" We've put together the perfect tips to guide you through the process of looking your absolute best on your wedding day. 

At first it can be a task comparing all the little differences while on the hunt to finding the right beauty professional.  At the end of the day feeling like the most beautiful version of yourself is as simple as teaming up with the right personal makeup artist and hair team near you. Here's our Beauty Asylum Must Know Tips for Choosing Your Makeup Artist:

1. Choose A Hair and Makeup Artist To Fit Your Style

An experienced hairstylist and makeup artist can create a look that's just right for your dress, coloring, and personality. While they have the know-how to pull off a variety of different looks, each talented artist specializes in a particular style. Cutting-edge, elegant boho, modern chic, stylishly understated -- whatever your style, there's a professional wedding makeup artist and hair stylist who can make your dream wedding look happen. 

2. Book Your On-Location Hair and Makeup EARLY (unless..)


Top makeup artists and hair stylists are often fully booked months in advance. A bridal team or well known stylist have calendars that are generally full anywhere from two months to one year out. We hate turning down the opportunity to work with a potential client on the biggest day of her life, but our tight schedules sometimes require us to say no to multiple brides for the same date. Of course, getting married during the summer or early fall months means competing with plenty of other brides for quality on-location hair and makeup services. That's why it's best to contact your wedding makeup artist well in advance. Planning early also gives you ample time to ensure you've found a good fit in terms of compatibility and personal style. 

3. Top Makeup Artists + Quality Makeup = Stunning Wedding Photos


Investing in leading-edge tools of the trade is key for in-demand hair and makeup pros. Each of our commercial & bridal hair and makeup artists have an arsenal of their favorite cosmetics, brushes and other essentials. As you might expect, the makeup we use has to be top-of-the-line. Superior blend-ability, varying levels of coverage, a wide range of shades, and formulas for diverse skin types must be considered. Of course, you need the longest-wearing makeup available to make it through the marathon of wedding-day festivities. We know all the professional makeup artist tips for keeping your makeup in place, but a seriously long-wearing formula is a must. Our high-quality, tried-and-true supplies and equipment are one reason you'll pay a little more for a top hair and makeup artist or team. Why skimp on a detail that will have such a big impact on both the memories and photos from your wedding?


4. Recognize the Value of an Artist, Team, or Agency

"Why is a bridal makeup artist and hairstylist so expensive for my wedding day?"  The type of bridal makeup artist our Charlotte and Atlanta brides most appreciate is a consummate professional. A reputable stylist team or hair & makeup artist agency have impressive skills, know-how and a strong sense of style, and keeps up with the latest industry trends. Even more importantly, each professional is committed to doing her best for each client on every occasion. Invest a little more in a quality makeup artist to ensure not just that you get the best services, but that your makeup team shows up! 


5. True Pros Are the Key to Boost Your Confidence


You need the confidence that comes with looking like you, only better, on your big day. A true expert bridal makeup artist gets to know the bride and her daily routine. Knowing early on that your makeup artist really gets your personal style and individual needs will help you feel comfortable with your choice. There's nothing like the confidence of a pro to make the best recommendations to achieve your wedding day look. Pair that confidence with leading-edge knowledge, and you'll will feel absolutely beautiful!