JESSICA kendall

Owner | Hairstylist | Airbrush Specialist

style: clean, natural, pretty

Hi, I’m Jessica! I am the founder/ owner of Beauty Asylum. I live in a historic district of just outside of Uptown Charlotte with my husband & two kids. I’m originally a country girl turned urbanite. I've been in the hair & makeup industry for 11+ years and in 2014 it was brought to my attention the beauty industry was lacking unity. There was a need for team work and a group of really great hair & makeup professionals. I launched BA as an operating business in 2014 with the idea of bringing together strong women and creating a badass team of artists. I’ve also been an athlete my whole life (playing college softball) and when the college chapter closed I missed the sense of community you get by having team players. As a team we would work towards one solid goal year after year— being the best. I believe all creative ideas stem from others. My goal is to put my own spin on what we do and make it even better year after year.

Because we can accomplish more together as a team than we ever could individually the opportunities Beauty Asylum has received as a business continues to exceed my expectations. We've checked off many career milestones. From working with celebrities, Democratic & Republican conventions, and top names in media (CNN, NBC, CBS). I've been able to travel across country to Paris, France & Ireland as a destination wedding hairstylist & makeup artist for our Beauty Asylum brides. I’ve even been able to bring ladies on the team!

This job has continued to surprise me and keep me engaged. We’re not meant to be in the same job forever as we evolve through our career and through life. My favorite thing about BA is our amazing team of entrepreneur stylists. I love making connections with others, feeding off energy, and finding my people. As of right now, I am right where I am suppose to be!

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