Wife. Mom. Artist.

Hi, I’m Jessica! A celebrity makeup artist and hairstylist in Charlotte, North Carolina. I’m a mother of two, wife to my high school sweetheart, and the founder of Beauty Asylum Hair and Makeup.

During my youth and young adult life, I played competitive softball. The goal was to work hard and diligently so I could get a full athletic scholarship. In 2004, I spent a couple years at the College of Charleston playing ball on a full-ride.

January of 2007 I became pregnant with my daughter. I moved from Charleston, South Carolina to Greenville, South Carolina with my now husband so he could finish his degree. I was a young mom in a small college town and I needed to meet new people. So I decided to get a job at the local mall. Little did I know this new venture was the start of a new chapter in my life.

My artist career launched after four years working in retail and side jobs. The moment came where I began to search for balance between work life and being a mom. With my husband’s support, I took the plunge every entrepreneur has done. I went to work on my own. I have been blessed with a supportive husband and two healthy children to be able to pursue my dream. The only thing left to fall into place was a fulfilling career.

If we fast forward to the summer of 2014, I launched Beauty Asylum LLC as a business. My goal was to create a team of talented ladies and house them under one roof. A place we can look to one another for support and thrive in what we do best. Through my years of playing softball, I experienced connections and fellowship. Once I developed a team-like atmosphere with Beauty Asylum, I realized the void that was present in my career. The moment I realized my love for team unity everything fell into place as I went from a one pro show to a team of hair and makeup professionals.

The company now has a group of stylists in North Carolina, South Carolina, and the Atlanta area. Today, I spend most of my time collaborating on group projects for print and production, beautifying brides, and working on styled shoots. I am currently working to build new locations so we can reach brides and stylists in the southeast.

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