Bridal Hair & Makeup Checklist: Beauty Asylum Charlotte

At Beauty Asylum we understand being a newly engaged bride can be a fun, inviting, and a thorough new experience for everyone. It can also mean it is time to start meeting/booking your wedding vendors. The planning process begins and that means you are one step closer to marrying the man of your dreams. So what can you do to make sure we do the best job possible?  

When you book your trial date here's a check list for you to keep in mind. This will help the process of your trial go a little smoother with your beauty professional.

Research Bridal Hair + Makeup Looks:  Pinterest can be your best friend to get bridal inspiration.  Not sure where to start?  Check out Beauty Asylum's Bridal Hair and Bridal Makeup Boards.

Know the looks you WANT and the looks you DON'T want: Specifics are great for us to understand your personal style and get to know you. If you normally wear your eye liner a certain way and want it the same way on your wedding day, be sure to communicate that to your artist.

Show your vendor a picture of your everyday makeup: after all you want to look like yourself but just the best version of yourself.

Communicate:  we want to enjoy our clients as much as you want to enjoy your vendors. Most of our brides we become friends with through the wedding process and this makes it so much fun for us. You only get married once. If something is not replicated just right have faith in your professional. Let them know exactly what you would like to see and stay positive!