Hairstylist & Makeup Artist Travel Rates

When preparing for your wedding it is important to consider travel and lodging accommodations for vendors. A wedding in a destination area like the mountains or a beach resort can definitely sound amazing. With any desired location the cost for wedding vendors to travel remote is something to consider. At Beauty Asylum we try our best to find stylists nestled in different regions to help soften the travel fees incurred on wedding day.

Sometimes it is inevitable to have an influx in travel fees if your wedding is overlooking cliffs in another country. If you find someone with minimal rates this is a great start to your vendor search. Keep in mind most often if you are paying a cheaper amount for an industry professional they may not be as equally established or as reliable as a credited stylist.

Here's what you need to know & why:

  • Travel Takes Time: a wedding that is 2 hours away doesn't seem so bad- until you have to drive back the same day. Most fees are based on travel to the location and returning from the location.

  • Hidden Costs: Mileage on our vehicle, gas, and maintenance following.

  • Loss of Time: We have families and most of the time they work a 9-5 or attend school Monday through Friday. We love what we do and do it out of love for our brides. Keep in mind when we choose to work with you we are deciding not to see our loved ones at all this day.

  • Potential Jobs: vendors can book 4-5 local weddings per weekend. If you would like a stylist to travel to your destination an incentive should be in place to take precedence and weigh out the cons.

If you want the best services in the industry it pays to fork out a little more. If you have multiple stylists traveling to your weddings the travel fees apply for each individual as they are coming from different locations. 


  1. Basic travel is included within 30 miles of each stylist location

  2. If your location exceeds 30 miles the rate for one stylist is $25/hr

  • the rate for two stylists is $40/hr if your location exceeds 30 miles

  • the rate for three stylists is $60/hr if your location exceeds 30 miles

  • the rate for four stylists is $80/hr if your location exceeds 30 miles

3. Gratuity of 18% will be factored in for all destination weddings over 60 miles.

4. Parking fees will be included as well

5. Relocation fee of $50 will be added if you have our stylists travel to one location (ie hotel) and unpack/pack then travel to an additional location (ie venue).

6. If you have an early morning wedding we request lodging be provided the night prior to the event.