Two Faced Harvey Dent | Halloween Costume Under $20

Every year as a family we go all out for our Halloween costumes. It all started 4 years ago with a company Halloween costume contest. A pretty hefty prize was up for grabs and I was able to take full advantage of my makeup artist skills. Every year after we continued the tradition.

It never fails as creative we like to do things last minute. Usually all the costumes I've put together is within a days notice. This Harvey Dent costume was made with simple products totaling under $20. Some products we used are already in house and the others you can pick up at the Halloween store. Here's what you'll need:

  • cotton balls
  • q-tips
  • paint wheel
  • liquid latex
  • setting powder (men: baby powder works / anything to matte the latex shine)
  • acrylic nails 
  • blood (optional)
  • brushes (optional)


  • tape the brow so latex will not pull out hair
  • Take the cotton & start to spread a layer across the face as pictured.
  • Apply the latex using a q-tip & adhere the cotton to the face. This will create the texture of burned skin. Layer more cotton in the areas you want to protrude (i.e cheekbone, mouth, brow, jawline)
  • Take balls of cotton + latex and place the acrylic nails for the teeth.
  • Once the latext is dry powder all over.


  • Start with your base color all over.
  • Use a lighter shades of peach & yellow around the edge of mask so it will blend with the tone of the face.
  • Second, grab a mid-range color (I used dark blue) to create depth in the pockets of the face.
  • Add the red for the gums bewteen the top part of the teeth. Use black/blue for the bottom gums.
  • Add a little yellow to the teeth and you're done!