Make the Best Out of Your Bridal Makeup Trial:

For some ladies the hair and makeup process can be very new and uncertain. Individual makeup artists along with bridal hair & makeup companies will vary on how they like to prepare for trials and wedding day. Our goal is to make the trial process thorough and fun for you. Below you will see our pretrial recommendations- this will allow you to come to your makeup trial prepared while giving our stylist the information they need for a successful makeup look. Let’s work together to ensure everything goes as smooth as possible for your upcoming bridal makeup trial. 

It’s important:

It’s important to have a general idea regarding the makeup application you would like to receive. We have two options for foundation. We can opt for traditional makeup or airbrush makeup as the base. If you’re torn between the two applications, check out our blog post here. After doing some research- you might find you’re still unsure about whether you would like airbrush or traditional makeup. At this point, we recommend waiting until the time of your trial to discuss one on one with your personal makeup artist. Our stylist will be able to access your skin and concerns to make the best recommendation.

What to expect:

Our bridal makeup trials are scheduled for 1.5 hrs with your personal artist. We will work together to choose the best application but once you have decided on the application we will not be able to redo the base during the same trial. We always say it is easier to add on then to take off. To make the most out of your trial we recommend starting with something light & natural on the eyes (unless you know exactly what you want). We can always add on to find the amount of product we like. We understand lip color can be more personal and it comes down to what feels comfortable. At the trial we can try a couple shades of lip color while opting for the color stay formula at the very end.

As beauty professionals we are meeting you for the first time. We would love to get an idea of your day-to-day makeup routine. Help us get to know you and your personal style so we can provide the best experience for your makeup trial.


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We are so excited to make this day perfect for you! If you are planning for the perfect wedding day hairstyle we recommend heading over to our ‘Bridal Hair Trial’ page, here!