The Best Clip-in Hair Extensions & How to Style Them

Considering clip-in extensions for your big day or for everyday use? 

There’s nothing like spending hours on pinterest trying to find the perfect hairstyle and then find yourself asking, “Can my hair really look like that?” There’s so many ways to create the perfect wedding day hairstyle. The majority of bridal hairstyles or trendy Pinterest looks have some sort of filler and extensions added in. Or if you’re lucky- you can be Becky with the good hair. Either way this means as beauty experts we send and receive a lot of wedding inspiration before trials are underway. We know flat hair is almost as desirable as a zit popping up on your big day. For our bride's planning for their wedding day and our ladies looking for everyday knowledge.. we have taken tips from our Atlanta & Charlotte hairstylists to prepare the ultimate clip-in extension guide. 


You might find yourself having to look up two key words in the extension world, ‘weft’ and ‘grams'. I will make things easy by explaining. A weft essentially is a track of hair with small clips on it. A set of extensions can have 4-8 pieces (wefts) to snap in your hair. Grams refer to the weight of the hair. How much thickness do you want it? If you are looking for more added length and less weight you will want to go with a lower gram. If you are looking to have volume and length then you want to look for numbers ranging from 180-220g.

RULE: They need be 100% human hair in order to use any kind of hot tool to style them.

GOAL: Add Volume, Length, and all the above.

LENGTH: 18-20 inches in length

INSTALL:  Start from the bottom and work your way upward.

PREP:  take them to your stylist to have them dry cut into your hair. Keep track of the order by numbering each weft after they are installed and cut.

CARE: Wash the extensions as if you would wash your normal hair. Lay them flat to dry.


Below you can find our top recommendations for clip-in hair extensions along with our comments. This is great for anyone trying to spruce up their locks. 


Milk and Blush is a great mid-priced line of clip-in hair extensions. They offer a beautiful range of color, length, and gram options. I personally love that Milk & Blush offers the option to purchase individual wefts instead of a whole set. Say you want quality hair to match your color and add fullness into your updo, but you do not need the whole shebang- then this is an excellent option to create the perfect updo. Or you could be like myself and loose a weft of hair somehow. I also love that they have someone online to help you pick the right color for your hair! 


Beauty Works is the most expensive of the three options offering different weight (grams) for thickness, color options, and length. I’ve been swooning over their INVISI Collection. I may have just threw a curve ball at you, let me explain. A normal strip of hair (weft) is made with thick thread and mesh cloth. The mesh cloth is the part the clips are sewn onto so you can snap them into your hair. Beauty Works came out with a line that has the hair fused together like a tap-in. So that means no more mesh cloth and hello seamless clip-ins. 

These babies are the LUX of hair extensions and the brand is worn by some of the top celebrities. Why not feel like a movie star on your big day? 


For ladies on a budget or if wearing added hair isn’t your thing- then Sally’s extensions may be the best option for you. The clip-in extensions are not as thick as Milk & Blush or Beauty Works but it does offer some fullness and length. I don't personally love a ton of fullness so Sally's does the trick for me. The price is a little easier on wallet as well. Sally’s also offers the invisible wefts for their Ultra Seamless line as I described in the the Beauty Works section as well.

So there you have it! Our go-to guide for the perfect hairstyle. If you have any questions please let us know!