FAQ | Airbrush Makeup vs Regular Traditional Makeup


We've created the perfect makeup artist questionaire and cheat sheet. Here's a list of all the questions you should ask your makeup artist. We've also provided you with our very own insight to all the Q & A with our Beauty Asylum [BA] answers. 


Do you prefer traditional makeup or airbrush makeup? 

[BA] Each artist will prefer one application over the other. This is their comfort zone and area of knowledge. It's important to allow them to work with the technique they are most comfortable using on clients. It will 100% show through their work.

Does airbrush makeup have any cons?

[BA] Like many things, airbrush has a couple flaws. If you have an excess amount of facial hair (peach fuzz) airbrush may not be a great option. The fine mist will pick up fine hairs like morning dew on a hot summer day.  Another thing to consider, once airbrush is on, it's on. Blending the product is not an option. Why? Silcone based airbrush acts as a protective barrier over the skin. Meaning, the product will not absorb into the skin (which is why it is non comedogenic). By blending or adding product over airbrush it will break down the bond and create a splotchy look. 

How do I touch up my airbrush makeup? 

Your makeup artist will have a consultation to have a clear understanding about your skin. They will determine whether you are dry, oily or combination. Based on this information your makeup artist will prep your skin accordingly with moisturizer and primer. The selection of airbrush production is key based on the over all finish you are trying to achieve. We prefer to work with silicone based airbrush products for the longevity of wear. After 4-6 hours you might see a little shine. This is ok. The key is to take a napkin or blotting paper (anything absorbent) and blot. Do not wipe because this will take the coverage right off. After 6-8 hours of wear airbrush will start to mix with the oils of your skin and look like traditional makeup. Then it is ok to add a translucent powder to absorb the shine.

How do I get off the airbrush product?

Your normal wash routine will breakdown the product. 

Is there a reason why I shouldn't use traditional makeup on my big day?

[BA]  If you love traditional makeup definitely stick with it. Traditional makeup is great for blending multiple products together. The workability allows you to work the product into the skin and effortlessly blend blush, bronzer, and highlight. When done properly traditional makeup can offer an amazing dewy, real skin finish or a full matte finish that can be touched up at anytime!

What is the main difference between airbrush makeup and traditional makeup? 

[BA] Airbrush takes on a layering effect and traditional makeup takes on a blending effect. Airbrush is meant to wear 6-8 hrs. Once it's on it's on. Traditional makeup can be touched up. Touch ups are not preferred with airbrush makeup. 

How long does a makeup application typically take?

[BA] A professional makeup application takes 45 minutes to an hour. A 30 minute makeup application is doable but it will be a more rushed experience unless the desired makeup is very minimal.

Do you offer strip lashes and individual lashes?

[BA] Lashes are essential for pictures. They make all the difference by making the eyes pop. Strip lashes (a band of lashes) come in a variety of looks ranging from dramatic to soft and pretty.  If you have not worn lashes before we recommend individual lashes so they will not feel heavy on the eyes. Individual lashes can also be layered for the desired effect.

How do you keep your brushes clean and sanitary?

[BA] Each artist should have 3-4 brushes of the exact same brush. This will prevent them from having to use the same brush on everyone. In addition they should have sponges, q-tips, mascara wands, and anything else that will keep the application process sanitary. 

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