Make the Most of Your Makeup Trial - Part 1: Skin Prep Guide

If you haven't been diligent with a skin-care routine, now is the time to begin fine-tuning your daily regimen.

Glowing skin is a worthy -- and doable -- goal. Whether it is for wedding day or if you are searching for that Insta-worthy look. How amazing would it be to get that sought-after bridal glow on your big day? 

We get it. 'Skincare routine' rolls off the tongue pretty easy but putting it to work is another story. You may have insane hours at work, travel a lot, or just mayyybe it’s a matter of making yourself do it. Either way, it requires attention and planning as everything else on your to-do list. In order to look your absolute best we must prepare in advance to create a smooth slate for your makeup and prevent blemishes. 

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A makeup trial will help a bride get one step closer to the perfect wedding day makeup look. Sadly, a makeup trial will not fix problem areas in a days time. Whipping your skin into tip-top shape will ensure that you get the right makeup look for your skin type, coloring and style. The focus shouldn't be on hiding blemishes; this should be a time to highlight your best features and make you feel beautiful, both inside and out.

With minimal effort, time, and a little investment- here are our recommendations to make the most of your makeup trial, Part 1: Skin Prep.

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1. Eat Pretty: 

It turns out, you really are what you eat. Whether you give your diet a full-on makeover or slowly incorporate good eating habits- try superfoods for their health and radiance-boosting antioxidants:

  • Blueberries for younger-looking skin

  • Cashews, crab, chickpeas and other zinc-rich foods for skin renewal

  • Omega 3 superstars like walnuts, flax seeds and wild-caught salmon for smooth skin

Too Busy? Add vitamins and omega 3-containing supplements to fill in dietary gaps. Ward off puffy eyes and dull skin by avoiding salty foods and stay hydrated with H2O just before your trial and wedding. As always, aim for 64 ounces of water daily to keep skin supple. Swap water for soda and coffee whenever possible for maximum beauty benefits.

2. The Routine:

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If you remember anything from this post remember-- Cleanse, Moisturize, Protect, and Repeat.

Cleanse: A cleanser alone isn’t a miracle worker. The idea that it will do amazing things for your skin can be debatable. However, using the wrong face wash can create a multitude of skin problems you wouldn’t normally have—When washing, look for something that will both take off your makeup and give you a good cleanse (without stripping). Not sure what the effects of over cleansing would look like? Rash/redness, adult acne, tight feeling, burning, and flaking/dry skin are key signs your cleanser may be too harsh. When washing, be gentle; scrubbing too hard does more damage than good. 

Too Tired?  We can't overstate the importance of removing your makeup nightly. Stash cleansing wipes by your night stand for the nights you are too tired to wash. The Neutrogena Night Calming Wipes are one of our favs!

Moisturize:  If you’re feeling extra courageous start with a serum to boost radiance in your skin. A serum is typically a thinner consistency with a high

concentration of the active ingredients that go to work for your skin. Follow up with a moisturizer suitable for your skin’s needs. Everything is constantly changing and so is our skin. Keep a light weight moisturizer and a rich alternative based on what your skin needs.

Protect:  Sunscreen is typically the most forgotten product for the face. Who doesn’t want to prevent brown spots and skin discoloration? Suncreen not only protects your skin from harmful cancer causing rays but it can also reduce the appearance of red facial veins and blotchiness. Not to mention, it is extremely difficult for makeup to stay on peeling, sun burned skin.

3. Consult a Professional:  

Breakouts, scaliness and other persistent skin issues demand the expertise of a licensed aesthetician. Improve circulation, remove dead skin cells and get radiant skin with professional monthly fruit-based skin peels. A little scared to jump into a peel? Regular facials are a great option to create a smooth base for makeup. Start with at least one a month and it will bring you one step closer to a glowing complexion. Start waxing early, or consider dermaplaning. This noninvasive treatment exfoliates skin and removes fine facial hair for the ultimate smooth finish.

Finally, ask your makeup artist professional for any other recommendations to maintain healthy skin leading up to the big day. We want you to look your absolute best for the most amazing day of your life.