Styled Engagement Shoot | Paperlily Photography + Beauty Asylum Hair & Makeup

Some of my favorite moments at Beauty Asylum Hair & Makeup come from styled shoots. Giving a little bit of free time to do what I love and inspire others brings me such joy. Not to mention, there is a tremendous amount of gratification when you nail a certain look you want captured on camera. If I nail the look, I am doting all day long. 

Styled shoots are so much more than the simplicity of the word. There's a lot of time, effort, and thought that goes into each vendors contribution. We all team up to help one another and discover our inner creativity not to mention show off what we can do.

Last week I teamed up with Paperlily Photography to help launch a vision for them. It was so much fun intertwining with the trio for a real couple styled engagement shoot.  Here's a little behind the scenes action and a sneak peek from the ladies over at Paperlily Photography.


(As stylists we do not miss a beat)


Stay tuned for the final shot of the evening. I cannot wait to share the final look will you all!