Beauty Asylum Hair & Makeup: How to Prepare for a Smooth Wedding Day

Wedding day is fast approaching and there's a bazillion things on your to-do list. We understand and we are here to help! How do you make the process go a little smoother for those little details you forgot or did not know to mention?

Let's get prepared together! Here's some questions to consider and notes to take for your hair and makeup vendor! (Remember we are people not robots :)

Do I want to start in the morning or afternoon? 

How long does it take per person?

Would I feel more comfortable with an additional stylist?

How much does it cost to bring another stylist?

Does my venue allow a certain time to get ready on-site?

Can I pay you before wedding day or on wedding day?

Do you accept cash, check, and card?

If you want your bridesmaids to have a certain look be sure to communicate this to them as well as your stylist.

We want to try our best for you to have the best expereience possible.  At Beauty Asylum a happy bride is our number one goal. If you would like to start later in the day, let your stylist know. If there is potential you might have a couple more ladies add on the day of the wedding, let your stylist know. If you prefer a certain kind of lash (individual lashes vs strand lashes) let your stylist know. All this is great information to communicate to your personal stylist.

When you receive your wedding day schedule from your stylist make sure you have enough time at the end to get into your dress with ease and onto pictures. If you have a coordinator be sure to pass the schedule on to them as well. This will help to make sure everything fits in the timeline.

We always love feedback to be the best of the best. Is there any questions or things to mention that I may have left out?