What should I look for when searching for wedding hairstyles? >>

1- Save styles with the same hair color and/or length to have a realistic idea of what your hair will look like at your trial. 2- Look for pictures of the front of the hair. Do you want pieces hanging or do you want everything off the face? 3- Consider extensions if you're planning to wear your hair down or need extra volume.

Is it ok if I do not know the hairstyle I want going into my trial? >>

We recommend having a general idea of the look you would like to see at the time of your trial to make the most out of the time you have with your stylistl. The discussing options will cut into your appointment time and it's important to have ideas before your appointment. If you have questions/concerns talk with the Beauty Asylum Administrative team to ensure you are properly prepared for your trial.


Can I try multiple hairstyles? >>

Our hair trials are 90 minutes long. We are happy to show you multiple looks at the time of your hair trial to give you a couple options (as long as timing permits). Keep in mind- in some cases the prep for one style could be a totally different prep for a seond style and this may require a separate trial and cost if you are unsure about the style you would like to see on wedding day.

How Should I prepare for my wedding hair trial? >>

It's so important to be prepared for your hair trial to ensure a successful beautiful outcome. You can find a link to our top tips, (