charlotte hair & makeup

Do you start wedding hair/makeup in the morning or afternoon?  

We reserve your wedding date just for you! We can start as early as 6am for a wedding. If you feel it is better to start in the morning we can make that happen. If an afternoon start time is better we can do this too!

How long does it take per person?  

It generally takes 45 minutes for hair and 45 minutes for makeup. We have ladies that may take 30 minutes to get ready and works out to be a perfect balance for ladies that take a little longer!

Would I feel more comfortable with an additional stylist?

Brides feel much more relaxed & comfortable in knowing our stylists have a helping hand. We have a group of ladies to accommodate a large party. If you feel better with having another stylist on your wedding day be sure to let us know ahead of time so we can make sure to have someone available.


Do you require a deposit to book?

We require $150 deposit and a completed contract to reserve your wedding day. 

When do you book a trial? 

We request all trials to be scheduled during the week 9am-5pm. Expect to book your trial two months before wedding day. This is a guide to allow us to get in the mind set of the season. At the time of the trial will make sure to have the most current wedding trends.

How much does it cost to bring another stylist?

Our second stylist is included in our pricing! Our goal is to make the planning process as simple as possible. Our stylists travel separately so travel to a destination wedding will vary on travel costs for two stylists. You can check out our individual & group travel rates, here. If you are considering a third stylist we require that each stylist has a 5 service minimum.

Does my venue allow a certain time to get ready on-site?

A lot of venues will allow you to come on-site at a specific time to get ready and not a minute sooner. Please check with your venue in preparation for your wedding day timeline as our stylists have a 5 service minimum. We are happy to work on-site at the morning location and travel to the venue for bridal pictures. Let your stylist know if this may be a possibility.

Can I pay you before wedding day or on wedding day?

We want to make the transaction goes as smooth and stress-free as possible. Paying ahead of time allows you to pay your stylist without the hassle of gathering everything the day of the wedding. Each payment is followed up with a paid invoice directly to you.  If you prefer to pay the day of your wedding please make sure to collect payment from all bridesmaids in the form of cash or check and give this to your lead stylist.

Do you accept cash, check, and card?

Cash tips are great! We prefer check to be payable to Beauty Asylum only if it is paid ahead of time. We also have our Square & Venmo for your convenience. :)