How to Prepare for Your Bridal Hair Trial

Great news, you've booked all your wedding vendors and it's almost go-time for the biggest day of your life. With days quickly dwindling down you're approaching the phase where you have to start thinking about the little details. And guess what?  Hair and makeup is the fun part of the ever so daunting specifics. 

Great wedding hair and makeup is an investment and it takes a little guidance. Follow all our steps and you can have faith knowing your stylist will recreate the exact look you envision. Start with our tips and this will ensure your stylist can properly do their job. Let's begin with preparing for your hair trial with our top 4 recommendations straight from the pros at Beauty Asylum.

Casey Green Photography

Casey Green Photography

Shauna Veasey Photography

Shauna Veasey Photography


Tip #1. Have Clean Hair

The MYTH that follows a stylist around like a bad high school reputation, "Stylists prefer dirty hair." If we can leave you with one tip it would be to come to your trial with clean hair or day old hair. Our stylists see dirty hair way too often. If your hair is super thick you can get away with a couple days. If there is too much oil in the hair there isn't enough dry shampoo in the world to cut the grease. We can always dirty the hair with product.

Tip #2. Don't Flat Iron

A flat iron to your hair before a hair appointment will make it very difficult for hair to hold curl.  The hair becomes silky and straight. Just like virgin baby hair on your four year old niece. Another alternative is to straighten the first 2-3 inches of hair at the root and leave the ends for styling. Our first recommendation would be to schedule a blowout the day of your trial or the day before to achieve the best results. 

Tip #3. Be Prepared

It's important to go into your hair trial with multiple hairstyle ideas. This doesn't mean you have to make up your mind but a general idea is more than helpful in making sure your trial is a success. By having a couple pictures we are able to grasp the style you are trying to achieve and make recommendations based on hair length and fullness. Keep in mind a stylist is meeting you for the first time. We want to get a feel for the looks you like as well as what can work for you personally.

Tip #4. Know Your Hair

You found a picture you love and your hair inspiration is full of volume and all kinds of fabulous ,but unless you are blessed with thick hair chances are extensions, product, and a professional are needed to create that bombshell head of hair. The best advice we can give you is to know your hair and what you have to work with prior to your trial. If you have fine/thin/short hair a little added fullness is great for the perfect bridal updo or down style. Our first go-to product is Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray for anyone with ultra sleek hair or fine tress'. Our second recommendation is clip-in extensions or hair fillers as a resource for length and volume. If you want Beyonce hair, we have to get you Beyonce hair. 

Be sure to talk with your stylist before hand so they can also be prepared with the proper accessories as some of these options have to be special ordered and customized for the most natural look.