Beauty Asylum Celebrate's 3 Years!

Welcome to Beauty Asylum Hair & Makeup! My name is Jessica Lyness Kendall and I am the owner of Beauty Asylum. You can connect with me and read more about my personal story here. This blog post is a little outside our norm but meant to share with you the insight of the entrepreneur and also bring you down the road to our journey of fun. Click below to find the highlights of our first 3 years in business.

It's our third year in business and we've hit some of our biggest milestones yet. We have 30 stylists, 4 locations, and 200+ weddings to look back and celebrate this year.


Each year we have provided a day filled with headshots followed by dinner in the city. While there's always a cause for celebration this time we did things a little different. We brought along balloons, champagne, and two special photographer friends, Shauna Veasey and Theary Paperlily Photography. Both ladies were able capture all the behind the scenes fun.

These ladies work so hard for every event to make sure each client is 100% happy. There are times it isn't easy but 95% of the time our job is absolutely amazing. I’m so excited and proud to officially introduce to you our Beauty Asylum Charlotte Team. Please take time to get to know our stylists below. Click on their picture, read their bio, and browse through their work.  :)


How to Prepare for Your Bridal Hair Trial

Great news, you've booked all your wedding vendors and it's almost go-time for the biggest day of your life. With days quickly dwindling down you're approaching the phase where you have to start thinking about the little details. And guess what?  Hair and makeup is the fun part of the ever so daunting specifics. 

Great wedding hair and makeup is an investment and it takes a little guidance. Follow all our steps and you can have faith knowing your stylist will recreate the exact look you envision. Start with our tips and this will ensure your stylist can properly do their job. Let's begin with preparing for your hair trial with our top 4 recommendations straight from the pros at Beauty Asylum.

Casey Green Photography

Casey Green Photography

Shauna Veasey Photography

Shauna Veasey Photography


Tip #1. Have Clean Hair

The MYTH that follows a stylist around like a bad high school reputation, "Stylists prefer dirty hair." If we can leave you with one tip it would be to come to your trial with clean hair or day old hair. Our stylists see dirty hair way too often. If your hair is super thick you can get away with a couple days. If there is too much oil in the hair there isn't enough dry shampoo in the world to cut the grease. We can always dirty the hair with product.

Tip #2. Don't Flat Iron

A flat iron to your hair before a hair appointment will make it very difficult for hair to hold curl.  The hair becomes silky and straight. Just like virgin baby hair on your four year old niece. Another alternative is to straighten the first 2-3 inches of hair at the root and leave the ends for styling. Our first recommendation would be to schedule a blowout the day of your trial or the day before to achieve the best results. 

Tip #3. Be Prepared

It's important to go into your hair trial with multiple hairstyle ideas. This doesn't mean you have to make up your mind but a general idea is more than helpful in making sure your trial is a success. By having a couple pictures we are able to grasp the style you are trying to achieve and make recommendations based on hair length and fullness. Keep in mind a stylist is meeting you for the first time. We want to get a feel for the looks you like as well as what can work for you personally.

Tip #4. Know Your Hair

You found a picture you love and your hair inspiration is full of volume and all kinds of fabulous ,but unless you are blessed with thick hair chances are extensions, product, and a professional are needed to create that bombshell head of hair. The best advice we can give you is to know your hair and what you have to work with prior to your trial. If you have fine/thin/short hair a little added fullness is great for the perfect bridal updo or down style. Our first go-to product is Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray for anyone with ultra sleek hair or fine tress'. Our second recommendation is clip-in extensions or hair fillers as a resource for length and volume. If you want Beyonce hair, we have to get you Beyonce hair. 

Be sure to talk with your stylist before hand so they can also be prepared with the proper accessories as some of these options have to be special ordered and customized for the most natural look.


Q & A | Airbrush Makeup vs Traditional Makeup

We've created the perfect makeup artist questionaire and cheat sheet. Here's a list of all the questions you should ask your makeup artist. We've also provided you with our very own insight to all the Q & A with our Beauty Asylum [BA] answers. 


Do you prefer traditional makeup or airbrush makeup? 

[BA] Each artist will prefer one application over the other. This is their comfort zone and area of knowledge. It's important to allow them to work with the technique they are most comfortable using on clients. It will 100% show through their work.

Does airbrush makeup have any cons?

[BA] Like many things, airbrush has a couple flaws. If you have an excess amount of facial hair (peach fuzz) airbrush may not be a great option. The fine mist will pick up fine hairs like morning dew on a hot summer day.  Another thing to consider, once airbrush is on, it's on. Blending the product is not an option. Why? Silcone based airbrush acts as a protective barrier over the skin. Meaning, the product will not absorb into the skin (which is why it is non comedogenic). By blending or adding product over airbrush it will break down the bond and create a splotchy look. 

How do I touch up my airbrush makeup? 

Your makeup artist will have a consultation to have a clear understanding about your skin. They will determine whether you are dry, oily or combination. Based on this information your makeup artist will prep your skin accordingly with moisturizer and primer. The selection of airbrush production is key based on the over all finish you are trying to achieve. We prefer to work with silicone based airbrush products for the longevity of wear. After 4-6 hours you might see a little shine. This is ok. The key is to take a napkin or blotting paper (anything absorbent) and blot. Do not wipe because this will take the coverage right off. After 6-8 hours of wear airbrush will start to mix with the oils of your skin and look like traditional makeup. Then it is ok to add a translucent powder to absorb the shine.

How do I get off the airbrush product?

Your normal wash routine will breakdown the product. 

Is there a reason why I shouldn't use traditional makeup on my big day?

[BA]  If you love traditional makeup definitely stick with it. Traditional makeup is great for blending multiple products together. The workability allows you to work the product into the skin and effortlessly blend blush, bronzer, and highlight. When done properly traditional makeup can offer an amazing dewy, real skin finish or a full matte finish that can be touched up at anytime!

What is the main difference between airbrush makeup and traditional makeup? 

[BA] Airbrush takes on a layering effect and traditional makeup takes on a blending effect. Airbrush is meant to wear 6-8 hrs. Once it's on it's on. Traditional makeup can be touched up. Touch ups are not preferred with airbrush makeup. 

How long does a makeup application typically take?

[BA] A professional makeup application takes 45 minutes to an hour. A 30 minute makeup application is doable but it will be a more rushed experience unless the desired makeup is very minimal.

Do you offer strip lashes and individual lashes?

[BA] Lashes are essential for pictures. They make all the difference by making the eyes pop. Strip lashes (a band of lashes) come in a variety of looks ranging from dramatic to soft and pretty.  If you have not worn lashes before we recommend individual lashes so they will not feel heavy on the eyes. Individual lashes can also be layered for the desired effect.

How do you keep your brushes clean and sanitary?

[BA] Each artist should have 3-4 brushes of the exact same brush. This will prevent them from having to use the same brush on everyone. In addition they should have sponges, q-tips, mascara wands, and anything else that will keep the application process sanitary. 

Interested in learning more? You can read more about Airbrush vs Traditional Makeup application, here.



Airbrush Makeup vs Traditional Makeup

The search for a great wedding vendor can be daunting at first. Whether you're recently engaged or shopping around, either way you want to enjoy and surround yourself with people that make you happy (and in our case, pretty). Especially since the wedding process can be an extended period of time.

During the inquiry stage it is important to ask as many questions as possible. This will give you a chance to get to know each vendor. Questions help create a clear line of communication and it will make our job easier as wedding professionals. As airbrush makeup artists we receive one common question before each beauty consultation. Beauty Asylum brides ask, "What is the difference between airbrush makeup and traditional makeup?" Better yet, "What is airbrush makeup?"   

Example 1: Shows the difference between traditional makeup and airbrush makeup after 3 hours of wear. Both achieving a natural finish.

Example 1: Shows the difference between traditional makeup and airbrush makeup after 3 hours of wear. Both achieving a natural finish.

Imagine if you were spraying paint across a white wall in your bedroom. We're repainting this wall white to freshen it up and make it pop again. Naturally, the previously painted white wall displays every little detail. We want our wall to be perfect and flawless again. It does not mean we want it to be a totally different color nor do we want a heavy amount of paint layered on. The overall goal is to enhance the wall again and give it a fresh look. The same idea goes into play for airbrush makeup and perfecting the skin for a flawless finish. 

"Airbrush makeup is a fine mist of controlled air that pushes out color (foundation) with a compressor. The soft mist creates an even product finish. It can be sprayed onto the face for a flawless coverage and long wear. Or the makeup can be applied with the intention of a soft natural look. Different airbrush products can be used for foundation, bronzer, blush, and highlight. Think of airbrush as a fun approach to extended wear foundation."

Example 2: Shows the difference between traditional makeup and airbrush makeup after 4 hours of wear. Both achieving a full flawless coverage.

Example 2: Shows the difference between traditional makeup and airbrush makeup after 4 hours of wear. Both achieving a full flawless coverage.

Airbrush Pros: seamless coverage, flawless natural finish, non-comodegenic (it won't clog your pores), hypoallergenic, light-weight, and it offers a bond that will stay strong for 6 to 8 hours. Both airbrush and traditional makeup applications are great options for an important event. The key factor for amazing wedding day makeup is the person behind the product. Make sure your wedding pro has a clear understanding of both makeup applications and the look you are trying to achieve. 

Read here to find some great questions (and our answers) to ask your traditional/airbrush makeup artist.






Beauty Asylum Hair & Makeup Charleston!

We are officially launching our newest location, Beauty Asylum Charleston

Charleston is an old stomping ground for owner and senior stylist Jessica Lyness Kendall. “The College of Charleston will always have a special place in my heart. With the business growing so quickly and moving along so well, Charleston fell right at our feet. I am a big believer of not forcing things to happen that do not naturally fall into place. Local Charleston weddings along with hair and makeup requests came tumbling in and there isn’t a better time than the present to announce our newest venture!"


This means we are gearing up to provide you with a top notch team right in historic downtown Charleston. Each stylist will be available to travel on-location to local areas such as Kiawah Island and Isle of Palms. We currently have local hairstylists and makeup artists on the Charleston team. The goal is to have a small team available to service a large wedding of 10-15. We will start with a group of 4-5 ladies to represent our elite crew of published stylists. Interviews will take place July 2017 and we could not be more excited to meet the amazing people eager to join us! Inquires can be made, here

Check out our most recent engagement shoot in Charleston, SC with All Bliss Photo! Our bride Arianne requested an updo that could easily transform to a romantic down style. Gorgeous hair paired with a glam bronzed eye make for some stellar engagement pictures! Our stylists Kristin and Lizzy nailed it!